Branding and Design

Conceptual design, branded interactions, 3D and animation, photography and artwork – we are passionate about what we do.

After working together for MetaDesign, we started our own business in 2017. We are focussing on art direction and integrated communication. We combine classic design with new technologies and trust in the power of design to obtain gain socially.

For years brands were built through fixed and rigid guidelines. We believe brands are no longer static anymore. For playing a role in people’s real life and increasing, brand awareness has to be established. Therefore we bring our clients brands to life.

We connect brands with the audience’s lifestyle and create unforgettable experiences across a full spectrum of touchpoints. In collaboration with our network we offer solutions tailored to our clients needs.

Rebranding Parship for MetaDesign
Parship: Alle elf Minuten
Parship: Citylight
Immmr, Mobile App for MetaDesign
immmr: Flagge
Immmr: Mobile Mobile App, Interface
Concept & Design: Love Magenta Shop, Deutsche Telekom for MetaDesign
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Love Magenta: Soul Bottles
Love Magenta: Pochette
Love Magenta: Pop-Art-Shirt
Love Magenta: Interface
Processes in nature and design
Processes in Nature and Design: Cover
Processes in Nature and Design: Book inside
Processes in Nature and Design: Book
Packaging, Deutsche Telekom for MetaDesign
Telekom: Packaging
Telekom Packaging: Lookbook